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Summer Vacation Holidays Homework -2012(LKG)

NARELA, DELHI-110 040.


CLASS  -  L.K.G.   (2012-2013)

ENGLISH              :               Language Listening, Speaking and reading & writing skills.

Stories                  :               Narrate imaginative stories with some message to your child for eg. good  habits and good manners, Narrate the following in English  and Hindi both.
1.       Thirsty Crow
2.       Greedy  Dog
Encourage your ward to make words beginning with the letters, a,b,c,d, e  and f   with the sounds.

a              -                                              apple, aeroplane, ant, axe   ………    ………

b             -                                              ball, bell, basket, balloon, bat ………          ……..

c              -                                              cat, car, cake, candle  ……..           …….

d             -                                              doll, duck, drum               ..……       …….

e             -                                              egg, elbow  ………..    ……

Thinking Skills :-               Give your child the opportunity to think -  (1)  Encourage your child to make simple comparison between big/small.

(2)          What is missing ?   What is extra ?

Activity  :             Show your child four objects in a tray.  Remove or add one object. Ask your child to think what is missing or extra ?

English   :             a,b,c,d,e, f   (5 times)

G.K.       (1)  Children should know their telephone no. and home address.
                (2)  Make them learn how to button their shirt.
                (3)  Learn  Gayatri  Mantra


                                                -              2              -

Rhymes Book :  Book pages to be done from rhymes book  : 
                            1,4,5,6,7,10,15,18,30, 33,36,39,48,52,53

Note    :                Let your child learn the small alphabets by phonetic sound –

a              b             c              d             e             f              g              h             i
j               k              l               m            n             o             p             q             r
s              t              u             v              w            x              y              z
1.                   Flash cards -    2 fruits,  2  vegetables,  2  Means  of  Transport,  2  flowers

Note  :  Try to involve your ward in cutting, pasting and colouring work in flash cards.

☻             Flash cards can be made by cutting a sheet (Mount Board)  into a square of   6”  by  6”  then paste pictures. You need to make one picture on one card. The picture should be bold and clear.

Let’s  Be  Creative  :
1.            Make  1  stick   puppet  of  any  fruit
2.            Make a pencil stand with  the  help  of a tin, bangles, ribbon, straw mirror ball etc.
3.            Make any 1  animal mask.

Note  :  Send the complete Holidays Home Work on the first working day.

summer holidays homework (lkg)-2012summer holidays -lkg

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